Season’s End

It has been a while since we have updated, but life gets in the way.  Our classic car season is over here in the North East.  We had a very hectic time throughout August, September and October and it will only get worse as we approach the Holidays.

Mary Lee and I will  be leaving for a trip out of the country on the 6th, returning Thanksgiving week, but in the meantime, the “Gray Lady” is over at the body shop getting her hood re-painted, then she gets tucked in and readied for our long Winter here.  It is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the posts here, it is far easier for me to update and post on Facebook where I can literally do it in seconds instead of the time required to upload photos here.  Just click the link for “1958 Cadillac” on this page and it should take you directly there whether you are a Facebook member or not.

sg18It was a wonderful season, where we got to spend a lot of time with old friends, and make many new ones.  We were honored to receive many awards through the season, and overall had a great time.  There will not be much for me to update DSC_1035until next Spring as there are no upgrades or issues with the lady.

The big news is that there will be a new addition to the stable come Spring.  I’ve ordered a new daily driver for myself, call it an early Christmas present, right Honey?  This photo is not my car but a nearly identical beauty.

It is a 2015 Z51 Stingray finished in Shark Gray with a Carbon fiber stripe, mirrors, spoiler and badging.  Black aluminum 10 spoke wheels, Adrenaline Red leather interior, with the interior carbon fiber trim package.  She will accelerate 0-60 in 3 seconds, and stop from 60-0 in 99 feet.  I think it will look pretty neat parked next to the “Gray Lady”

In case we don’t get a chance, I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season, as well as a Happy New Year!!



Cadillac Grand Nationals

IMG_0831We’re back from our upstate New York adventure to attend the Cadillac Grand Nationals held at Fort William Henry in the village of Lake George.  Our trip started Thursday morning when we headed West on the turnpike up through the IMG_0844Berkshires towards Albany, New York, where we turned North on route 87 for a straight shot on up to Lake George.  The weather gods smiled on us and we had beautiful partly cloudy skies the whole way.  It is kind of stressful driving the “Gray IMG_0884Lady” on the highway as we really cannot control other driver’s and in many cases they turn out to be real idiots.  I’m happy that people enjoy the car as much as they do, and looky lou’s are OK, but when they attempt to have a IMG_0870conversation with me at 65+ mph I draw the line!  After rolling 150 miles we arrived safely at about noon.

Now it was time for cocktails, lunch and check-in, once situated, we scoped out the property and settled IMG_0871in.  There was some initial confusion as parking spaces for the show vehicles were not going to be assigned until Friday, a departure from prior events, no problem for us though as we were staying right on the site and simply parked the IMG_0872regal old gal right on the lawn in front of our lake front room.  To tired to bother with cleaning up the car we walked through downtown and enjoyed dinner on an outdoor patio right on Canada Street.  Later that evening we IMG_0873enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display fired off of a barge moored right in front of the property, we didn’t have to do anything but relax in the Adirondack chairs in front of our room.  I’d like to think that the display was to honor our IMG_0874beautiful classic Cadillac’s arriving in Lake George, but I’m pretty sure they do it every Thursday evening in the Summer.

Friday morning brought a peaceful quiet sunrise and as I began to clean the car I IMG_0875enjoyed chatting with many people passing by, so what would normally take 45 minutes ended up taking almost 3 hours.  I got the chance to meet many great people from around the country and the world, and talk about classic Caddy’s, IMG_0876what more could one ask.  Before things got hectic, I moved the old gal down to a scenic spot on the lawn where I was able to get some nice photos with the lake in the background.  Later in the day, after moving the “Gray Lady” to IMG_0877her assigned spot on the show field, we were walking into the Village when we ran into some friends from home who just happened to be there vacationing, we had a great lunch together, and made further plans to meet later for cocktails and IMG_0878dinner.  My better half chose to nap and recharge her batteries while I spent some time out at the lakeside pool.

Show day (Saturday) dawned with another beautiful sunrise, and I IMG_0879needed to spend some time drying off the car to get rid of the morning dew.  It was about that time that I realized that we were competing in what was probably one of the toughest classes at the show.  Primary 16 covered IMG_0881the 1957 – 1958 model years and of the 13 cars on the field, 3 were Eldorado Broughams, 2 were Eldorado Sevilles, 2 were Eldorado Biarritz’s,  3 were Fleetwood Sixty Specials.  Then there was my 4 door sedan, a 2 door coupe and a IMG_0882series 62 convertible.  Of those 13 cars, at least 6 of them had been professionally restored, and meticulously so, it was obvious that they did very little traveling outside of a trailer.  My car which scores at 92 points or higher had IMG_0883no shot of placing amongst that group.  Judging was very thorough and took quite some time, the 3 judge team spent at least 35 minutes on my car alone, inspecting her from top to bottom.

IMG_0885Later that evening we attended the awards banquet and made more friends at our table while doing so.  It was kind of unique, in that the overflow crowd was served in 2 different venues, we had dinner in the White Lion IMG_0867overlooking the lake, while many others were served in Tower Hall at the other end of the property, slightly unusual, but it worked out.  Shortly after the dinner ended, the skies opened up and let loose a torrential rain, but fortunately the IMG_0860festivities were over, so no harm done.

We were lucky that Sunday morning was partly to mostly cloudy but with no rain, so after shooting a few more photos on the back lawn we headed out around IMG_08659:00AM and after another smooth 150 mile trip home she was put away at Noon well before the real rains started.

Overall, it was a great weekend in a very pretty area of the country, IMG_1077everything went smoothly, at least for us, and despite not winning an award we were happy we went and got the opportunity to see some really great cars, meet some very nice new friends, while at the same time connecting with many on-line buddies IMG_1097and old friends.  On a sad note, one of our regional members was there with a 1956 Coupe and while returning from a run to the store was turning into the hotel property, and was nailed in the right rear quarter, by a 16 year old IMG_1107reportedly talking or texting on a cell phone.  While the car was drivable and they drove it home, there was serious damage to the rear quarter and bumper and the whole rear end of the car appeared to have shifted, it will be a very expensive IMG_1093repair.

Next years Nationals will be in Minnesota, followed by Las Vegas a year later, so it looks like this will be our last one for awhile.  Next up will be charity events for the Deerfield Lion’s Club, the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home and the Hole In The Wall Gang (the children’s charity started by Paul Newman), maybe we’ll see you there.  To see even more photos, go to my Facebook site “1958 Cadillac”

Have A Safe, Happy And Healthy Holiday


Hustle And Bustle

IMG_0692Well we are back from our whirlwind tour of the beautiful Province of Ontario, Canada.  We had a wonderful time, great weather, and had much fun visiting with family friends and great people we have met on our cruising IMG_0695adventures.  Billed as a mini reunion of friends we will be sailing with in November, we were pleased to see them come from Florida, Louisiana, New York, Texas, Maryland, Toronto and Massachusetts.  We stayed in Niagara Falls, had dinner IMG_0713Friday night with 23 and attended a pool party with 48 of them in Fonthill, Ontario on Saturday, and Sunday met up with an old family friend in Niagara On The Lake.

Once back we attended IMG_0742cruise nights in Chicopee and South Hadley, and then shined up the regal old gal for a trip up to Russell to attend the “Hotrods For Heros” event to benefit veterans charities.  It was a great day at a great location, Strathmore Park, up in the IMG_0785hills near the Westfield River.  We even won a “Top 20″ award for our efforts.  Great Fun.

With nothing on our schedule for the up-coming July 4th weekend, I will be spending some time IMG_0758improving the old gal as we ready her for the trip up to the Cadillac Grand National Show in Lake George, NY July 8th to the 12th.  We are looking forward to the weekend and viewing hundreds of old Cadillac’s.  Last year we finished with a IMG_0755second place at the Nationals in Boston and hope to improve this time, but before we can we must:

  • Repair the horn (done)
  • Get the AM radio functioning (done)
  • Paint the intake manifold IMG_0756the correct color
  • Install a correct fuel pump
  • install a correct fuel filter
  • spit shine and polish her from top to bottom

IMG_0793Speaking of cleaning, the “Gray Lady” is now sponsored by Amsoil and we are using their products exclusively. We just tried a new waterless car wash and wax that they are promoting and we are super impressed.  You might be too, it was so hard to believe I actually had to do a video.  The video and many more photos of all events are on our Sister Facebook site which you can find here 1958 Cadillac .  Being a lazy slug, it is far easier and more economical to post photos on the Facebook site, so while I put a few here, they are all up over there, Check it out !!


Next up, the Cadillac Grand Nationals, we hope to see you there….

Ahhhhh…Beach Season

Fins to the left, Fins to the right…..


Cadillac Grand Nationals

Our Thursday trip turned out to be a waste of 400 miles of fuel and time.  The car we went to look at was no where close to what was represented in the photos.  Photos can tell a thousand lies, and they did!  In the mean time we are really looking forward to the Grand Nationals coming up soon.


News Flash…

News Flash….The “Gray Lady” may be on the market soon. I love the car, always have and always will, but we have brought her up to a level where we really can’t go any further. At this stage I would like to do another project, and my options are to move on or modify the regal old gal to make her into something I would use even more. I can’t really get myself to do a resto mod on this car after all of the time and effort to keep her as original as we could.

Soooo…I am going to look at another car on Thursday that is already sightly modified, if the deal works out and we decide to move in that direction, she will be on the block. As much as I would hate to see her go, I really want to get my hands dirty again, life really is too short.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

And We’re Back !

7It was a wonderful weekend!  We left early Saturday morning for the 100 mile trip North into the Green Mountains of Vermont.  The regal old gal performed flawlessly running up and down the 88% grades encountered throughout the trip without so much as a hiccup.  We stayed in a neat old/retro motel right on historic route 7A, it was built in the 50’s sprawling single story style where you park right in IMG_0531front of your door.  Large comfortable rooms, with dutch doors and pink tile baths, so cool to see the old Caddy parked in front of the door, took us back decades thinking about how life used to be.

IMG_0552The Manchester Vermont Classic Car Show venue was the Dorr Farm just outside of town.  It was a beautiful spot and there were many beautiful cars attending in many different classes, the show is structured on a participant vote by class, and as is customary in that IMG_0562format we got skunked, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less.  It really is beyond me how you can class  ’57 Chevy’s, ’60 era Camaro’s and ’58 and ’59 Caddy’s to compete against each other in the same group, while at the same time maintaining IMG_0542separate classes for Corvette, Thunderbird, and Mustang.  I know many people who continually pass on attending these types of shows because of that scenario, but we went to enjoy the weekends beautiful weather and enjoy IMG_0574viewing different cars.  We certainly attained that goal, and will probably be back next year.

Caddy’s were a rarity on the field, but we did manage to meet some fellow Cadillac/LaSalle club IMG_0575members who traveled almost twice as far as we did to attend, and they may have even convinced us to attend the Stowe, Vermont show later this Summer.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get it together and join them for the weekend.

IMG_0546Next weekend we have a double header, as we are planning on attending the Klingberg Vintage Motor Car Festival on Saturday in New Britain, CT.  The field of vehicles there is reported to be spectacular, and will include many brass era IMG_0571cars.  Hopefully we will have some great photos to share.  Sunday, Father’s Day, will see us at the 18th Annual “Dream Cars For Kids Dreams” fundraiser at the Solnit Center in East Windsor, CT, a show to benefit a great cause.

See you there………

The Weekend

IMG_0471The forecast is for great New England weather through the weekend.  So we decided to pack up and head 100 miles North up into the Green Mountains of Vermont to attend the Manchester Classic Car show at Dorr Farm.  we’ve newnever been here before and look forward to seeing some beautiful automobiles.

Just in time for the trip I’ve been practicing with the new camera, the photos in this post are straight off the disk, no photo-shopping IMG_0508here, I think it will work out nicely.

It has been a busy week workwise, but we still managed a trip out to our favorite cruise night in Chicopee yesterday.  Hopefully we will also IMG_0521attend the season opening cruise night at Buttery Brook tomorrow night before we leave on Saturday.  They haven’t run yet as it rained every Friday night in the Month of May.

Tomorrow afternoon I hope to have the time to adjust the brakes, change the oil and do any other service necessary before our 200 mile round trip.

TV Appearance


Hey guys and gals, check it out, we got a call asking us to help out promoting a cruise night benefiting the Holyoke Soldiers Home, and we were glad to help out. I didn’t know until last minute that I was going to be miked and broadcast live on our local NBC affiliate. It was a good time and I’m glad to be able to help a great cause.

It really was kind of funny, as they were wiring me with the mike the show’s host says “OK remember we are here to have fun.  There are only two rules, #1 – No Swearing and #2 – Don’t take off your pants!”  And we’re live in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1…

Our TV Appearance

I’m a little behind here, but have uploaded a bunch of pictures to our Facebook site, as they take up a lot of room here and it is much easier to post them faster over there.

At the last minute Mary Lee and I decided to attend Manchester, Vermont car show at the Dorr Farm this coming weekend.  We will be spending the weekend up there and will post all the details when we return.  If you are up that way, stop by and say hello.  Till then…..

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